KOLEJ WIT(We Insist In Training) is a leading engineering college and a technical training centre for human resource development in Malaysia. Kolej WIT’s main objectives are to provide engineering studies, vocational and technical skills training that will enable the students to progress in life and complement the efforts of the Malaysian Government in achieving its ambitious objectives of making Malaysia a fully industrialized nation by the year 2020. In line with these objectives, Kolej WIT has also conducts many part-time courses under its continuing education programmes to enhance the skills and knowledge of the currently employed industrial workers. Today Kolej WIT is recognized as an Approved Training Provider of the Human Resource Development Fund (PSMB) and collaborates with various industries and bodies in training at various levels for their technical employees.

Kolej WIT, the brainchild of the Transport Workers Union (TWU), was built in 1977 on 10.4 acres of land located in Pandamaran Industrial Estate, surrounded by housing estates, modern development highways, industrialized area to meet the increasing demand for technical training for school leavers. With its first admission of trainees in 1977, Kolej WIT has brought technical training right to the doorsteps of many youths in the Klang Valley. Since the establishment of Kolej WIT, it has graduated and trained over 30,000 youths and employees. Most of these graduates are presently holding high technical and managerial positions in various industries in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Kolej WIT Ipoh is in Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Perak which was established in 1986. We offer engineering and computer science courses.

Kolej WIT Ipoh is one of the pioneer in technical based education which covers engineering area such as Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Mechatronic and more. Apart from that, Kolej WIT Ipoh also owed a lot to the responsible employers who have sent their serving employees to be trained by us through our various “In-Job Skill Training Programmes”. In this connection, we are pleased to highlight here that our College is persistently ready to conduct any tailor-made skill training courses to suit the requirement of the employers based on their skilled manpower needs.


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